Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Term 2 Week 4 reflections

1) Paying attention to big things that happen is easy. What are some of the small things you are missing out?
We do not pay much attention to small details,and sometimes these details are important. For example, if we were to have an English lesson, we would pay attention to what we are suppose to learn,but not the pointers,as we won`t really spent much of our attention with that.
2) How does technology distract you from paying attention?
Well,if the teacher was teaching our lesson,and we were using our macbooks at the same time, we would be glued to our mac and not pay attention to the teacher.
3) Spend some time in silence and pay attention to your inner life. What is bubbling to the surface?
How am i going to use my time usefully without wasting my time

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